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For planning and conducting measurements our technically proficient staff provides support and consultation accompanying your study.  

Dr. André Brechmann

Coordinator for Systemic Imaging 

+49-391-62 639-216-1

Dr. Werner Zuschratter

Coordinator for Microscopic Imaging 

+49-391-62 639-244-1

Ines Kaiser

Project Manager  

+49-391-62 639-218-2

Dr. Jörg Stadler

Responsible for Systemic Imaging Techniques

+49-391-62 639-217-1

Oliver Kobler

Responsible for Microscopic Imaging Techniques

+49-391-62 639-322-1

Torsten Stöter

Software Engineer

+49-391-62 639-217-1

Dr. Jürgen Goldschmidt

Responsible for SPECT/CT Imaging

+49-391-62 639-542-1