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During the last two decades the classical microscopy has developed from a discipline observing static microstructures to a modern tool for molecular cell biology.‭ ‬The ambitious goal is the analysis of physiologically relevant molecular events on‭ ‬the‭ ‬cellular and sub-cellular scale.

In conjunction with modern molecular-biological methods more and more innovative microscopy techniques are used‭ ‬in order to get‭ ‬a‭ ‬comprehensive insight into the‭ ‬functional‭ ‬organization and dynamics of individual molecules and‭ ‬molecule complexes of living cells,‭ ‬tissue and entire organisms.‭

The‎ ‏Combinatorial NeuroImaging core facility provides‭ ‬open access to‭ ‬state-of-the-art microscopes‭ ‬that cover a large spectrum of recently developed‭ ‬imaging‭ ‬methods.‭ ‬We offer high-resolution‭ ‬2‭ ‬Channel STED,‭ ‬confocal‭ ‬/‭ ‬2‭ ‬Photon-‭ ‬as well as time-resolving microscopes‭ ‬for FLIM/FRET‭ ‬in addition to a transmission electron microscope and diverse epifluorescence microscopes.‭ ‬Furthermore,‭ ‬we support image analysis using professional software packages.‭

High-resolution Microscopy

Inverse Leica TCS STED-SP8 3X

Stimulated emission depletion microscopy


suitable for:

  • High resolution multi-channel STED in 3D
  • Multi-channel confocal microscopy
  • Live-Cell-Imaging


Transmission electron microscopy


suitable for:

  • High resolution ultra structure imaging
  • Elemental analysis
  • Electron enenergy loss spectroscopy

Inverse Leica TCS STED-SP5

Stimulated emission depletion microscopy


suitable for:

  • High resolution 2-channel STED
  • Multi-Photon-Imaging
  • Multi-channel confocal microscopy
  • Live-Cell-Imaging

Confocal Microscopy

Upright Leica TCS SP5

suitable for:

  • Multi-channel confocal microscopy
  • Live-Cell-Imaging

Inverse Leica TCS SP2

suitable for:

  • Multi-channel confocal microscopy
  • Live-Cell-Imaging

Light Sheet Microscopy

Leica SP8-Digital LightSheet Microscope


suitable for:

  • fast sub-cellular imaging, live and fixed
  • multi-channel 3D-FLIM imaging

LaVision Biotec Ultramicroscope II


suitable for:

  • fast 3D multi-channel imaging of big samples (brains, embryos, larvae)
  • imaging of live and fixed cleared samples (reflective index from 1.33 to 1.56)

Widefield microscopy

Leica Microscope DMRX

Neurolucida Neuron Tracing


suitable for:

  • Reconstruction and analysis of neuronal structures

Time-resolving Microscopy


Fluorescence-lifetime imaging microscopy

suitable for:

  • Analysis of protein interactions

Analysis Software

For image processing and analysis the following software packages are being used at the LIN:

  • Auto-Deblur
    commercial deconvolution software
  • Huygens Professional
    commercial deconvolution software
  • Imaris
    commercial three-dimensional image analysis software
  • Amira
    commercial deconvolution and three-dimensional image analysis software
  • ImageJ
    open-source image analysis software