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Philips 3T Achieva dStream upgraded

February 22, 2019

The upgrade now allows multiband EPI with higher resolution at same scan time. Through the dSync hardware upgrade, we are now able to synchronize the various MR subsystems with 20 picosecond precision. This corresponds to a nuclear spin of 1° and is the prerequisite for the application of Multiband Sense (MB Sense). MB SENSE contributes to the acceleration of fMRI or DTI (DWI) sequences in the brain through multiband RF slice excitation and MB SENSE decoding during reconstruction. MB SENSE provides an acceleration factor of up to 8 in FFE-EPI (fMRT) sequences with one scan and up to 4 in diffusion-weighted SE-EPI (DTI) sequences with one scan (technically possible). An acceleration at fMRT by the MB-factor 2-3 in combination with an in-plane sense-factor of 2 is realistic and enables an acceleration by a factor of 4-6. The acceleration allows measurements with a higher resolution at the same aquisition time.