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Eye Tracker

7T Magnetom

MR-compatible camera - MRC MR_cm_12M CCIR s/w Sensor, 1/3" (PAL)

For eye tracking and observation of the subject and laboratory during MRI measurement. The camera is used in conjunction with the software Pupil Tracker (video resolution: 320x240 pixels) and a DVD / HDD video recorder. Additionally the camera is IR-sensitive. We provide the following lenses L12mf4f, L12mf6f and L12mf16f with focal distances f=4mm, f=6mm and f=16mm respectively.


DVD / HDD Video Recorder Pioneer DVR-520H

The video recorder has an internal hard disk of 80GB and may also record video directly to DVD.

3T Achieva dStream

The scanner is compatible with and prepared for the eye tracker Eyelink 1000 ( More details about a custom setup by Michael Hanke you find here.