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7T Magnetom


The WormyBox synchronizes both stimulus presentation on a PC (using the software Presentation) and the button press information of the COVILEX ResponseBox1.0 in time with the MRI measurement. It converts and prolongs the optical MR trigger signal (10us) into a TTL signal (10ms) and sends it to PIN 10 and PIN 12 of the parallel output. The button press responses of the COVILEX ResponseBox1.0 are processed and sent to parallel port.


COVILEX ResponseBox1.0

Acquisition of button press responses of subjetcs - binary on/off data. The optical signal is converted into a TTL signal or OpenCollector and output via a DSub9 connector.




3T Achieva dStream

COVILEX ResponseBox1.2

DSub25 output instead of DSub9.


COVILEX ResponseBox2.0

Acquisition and evaluation of dynamic button press responses of subjects. The device delivers continuous distance/time data (decided, hesitant, inconsistent etc. button presses). The processed optical singals are continuously output at 500Hz via a DSub25 connector as 8-bit digital signal.