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Visual Stimulation

7T Magnetom

Mirror and Screen

The mirror is an IR-reflecting first surface mirror.

New projector JVC DLR-RS49E

Resolution 1920x1080 FullHD in 16:9 aspect ratio
Distance eye-screen 100cm
Visual stimulus size horizontal: 229mm
vertical: 129mm
restricted binocular view
Distance screen – projector 627cm
Screen orientation dull side facing subject
Filter reduces luminance to about 400 cd/m²

8 Ch Spiegel.jpg

The projector is controlled through a DVI extender system (Gefen EXT-DVI-1500HD-CO). This extender systen receives the PC's graphics signal (DVI) via a DVI dual link splitter. The projector is used for image projection on a projection wall, which is mounted to the ending of the bed. A mini DVI switch 2x1 is available for connection additional stimulus presentation PCs. The projector can also be used with a 4:3 aspect ratio. Simply connect the old screen and the projector will automatically switch to 4:3.


Previous projector JVC DLA-G 150 CLE

deprecated as of 2015/01/01

resolution 1280x1024 in 4:3 aspect ratio
height 205mm
width 270mm
distance eye – screen 100cm
distance screen – projector 627cm


3T Achieva dStream

Mirror and Screen

The mirror is an IR-reflecting first surface mirror.

Screen parameters

Distance eye-screen 60cm
Visual stimulus size horizontal: 25.6°
vertical: 20.5°
full binocular view
Screen orientation glossy side facing subject


Projector JVC DLA RS66E

The device is operated using resolution of 1280x1024 pixels in 5:4 aspect ratio (native 3840x2160 pixels full resolution). We use a gray filter of 13.7% transmission ( 0.9ND Nr. 211) to reduce light intensity.